Online Application Form: »TRANSITIONS«

Call for Artists: »TRANSITIONS« – Multimedia Art Exhibition

The Leo Baeck Foundation’s arts and culture programme Dagesh. Jüdische Kunst im Kontext (Jewish Art in Context) in cooperation with the global network for Jewish culture, Asylum Arts cordially invite Jewish artists from across Europe and the Americas to participate in a multimedia arts exhibition »TRANSITIONS« that will premier in Berlin on June 30th, 2021.

»TRANSITIONS« seeks to create a new Jewish visibility that transcends borders in a European and transatlantic exchange. Via video and sound art, text composition, and other forms of visual and digital arts, selected artists will showcase their experience and understanding of solidarity and resistance through aesthetics and artistic practice from a shared and yet diverse contemporary Jewish perspective.

Submission deadline: Tuesday, April 13th 2021 11:59 PM (CET).

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Upload materials according to the following specifications and conditions:

  • Please begin all file names with your name followed by a short file description. (e.g. „JohnSmith_Filename1.jpg“).
  • Please submit work completed in the last five years.
  • Please provide links to download files or view artwork that do not expire within three weeks.
  • Please also provide a password if necessary.
  • Please refrain from submitting recordings (video or audio) longer than 10 minutes.

o It is critical to address the technical quality of your work samples; submit the best quality samples that you can.

o Please include work samples of at least two different projects.

o URLs should go directly to a specific piece. Please do not send us a link to your general website.

o Please pay close attention to the initial one to two minutes of your sample, as the first impression of your work is extremely important. If you have 2 minutes of introduction or a closed curtain, this does not demonstrate the quality of your work to the panel.

o When we say a max of 5 images, we don’t mean you can send us a video reel with 100 pictures on it.

o Do not submit excerpts so brief that the panel will be unable to judge the quality and continuity.

o Please submit work samples and images closely related to the project you are proposing.