Wednesday, 18. August 2021:

»Artist Talk«

Esra Küçük (Allianz Kulturstiftung) und Andreas Görgen (German Federal Foreign Office) in conversation with the curator, Daniel Laufer, and artists of the multimedia exhibition TRANSITIONS. In this time of transition, the artists‘ works address global issues that they view with utmost relevance and urgency. Their works speak from a variety of situated Jewish positions, they seek ways of coalitions, and in that they make visible, comment on, and contribute to a diversity of political events, discourses, and movements that affect them. Moderated by Julia Y. Alfandari (Dagesh).

More information about the Multimedia Arts Exhibition >> here


Friday, 20 August 2021:

»We talk Tachles!

Art and curation as a practice of resistance«

“The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is – it’s to imagine what is possible.” bell hooks

[Please Note: This event will be held in German. For information about this talk, see: »Wir reden Tachles! Kunst und Kuration als wehrhafte Praxis«]

To round up the three-day festival, we connect the dots of TRANSITIONS and talk tachles: What signifies art of resistance? Where is the tipping point between aesthetics and activism? When does the aesthetic and curatorial gaze turn into political agenda setting? And is a (self-)critical artistic practice necessarily defined as political art?

In discussion with Mirjam Wenzel (Director of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt), Nuran David Çalış (theatre and film writer & director) and Ricardo Domeneck (writer & translator), we talk about the potential, the impact and responsibility of art and curation as a practice of resistance and transformation.

Moderated by Julia Y. Alfandari (Dagesh) and Tillmann Severin (Author & Publisher).

After the talk Rabbi Max Feldhake will open the Shabbat. We like to cordially invite you to join us for a small Shabbat ceremony to round up the three day festival and to take the opportunity to exchange, meet participating artists and celebrate together.

Künstler*innen // Artists