Technical guidelines for your filming session:

Introduction and Time:
A caption will introduce you and the title of the work that you are presenting. So you can dive straight into the reading and not waste time with a long introduction.

Each recording should be between 3-5 minutes long.

Please choose a location that has consistent light conditions. i.e. if you are standing close to a window, make sure the sun is not coming in and out of the clouds, causing the light to drastically change. Please do not film yourself against the light. If possible find a spot that has bright and “natural”  light. Most importantly, you should like yourself in the image but we should also be able to see you.

Please make sure that we can hear you clearly in the video and that you are not too loud (causing distorted sound) and do not move back and forth from the microphone. Choose a location that is quiet with as little background noise as possible. Try shutting off electrical appliances in the room (AC, Fridge, Ventilators, etc.), and close the windows to avoid noise from the street. Also, choose a room that has as little echo as possible (usually avoiding big concrete spaces is advisable). If you have a microphone, we advise to use it. If not, please test that the sound of your device (mobile phone or laptop) is good enough.

The background should be not too messy but also a bit more lively than just a plain white wall. You could even choose a background poster/picture that has something to do with the theme or that represents you in some way.

Camera Position:
Please record the video horizontally (as in the Photo above). Place your recording device in a way that will result in a static, not moving shot. You can use a tripod or just a pile of books to hold your device. You should position yourself in front of the device and look into the direction of the lens when reading your text. Ideally, leave some empty space around you and make sure we see your face and upper torso.

Most of you will probably use their Android/iPhone/Laptop for the recording, some might use a DSLR Camera. The resulting formats are usually either an MP4 or a .MOV File. In case your device produces a different format, feel free to contact us so we can make sure it is a usable format. The Image should have a 16:9 Aspect ratio (1920×1080 or 1280×720, these are the standard resolutions a smartphone produces). The frame-rate would be different on different devices; in case you know how to set it, please choose ideally a frame rate as close to 30fps as possible.

Questions and Assistance:
If you have any queries or need technical assistance, please contact us and we will assist you:

»TRANSITIONS« Digital-Reading-Submission

Upload materials according to the following specifications and conditions:

Please refrain from submitting recordings longer than 5 minutes.

Please begin all file names with your name followed by a short file description. (e.g. „HélèneCixous_Filename1.jpg“).

Please provide references and contact details to any possible copyright holder

Please provide links to download files or view artwork that do not expire within three weeks.

Please also provide a password if necessary.