Dagesh Art Award

The Dagesh-Kunstpreis (Dagesh Art Award) is awarded since 1918 by the Jewish Museum Berlin and Dagesh – Jüdische Kunst im Kontext (Dagesh – Jewish Art in Context). It is meant to uncover the multiple and diverse positions and hybrid identities of contemporary Jewish artists. We do not assume any harmonic plurality but quite the contrary: The submitted works vary just as much as does Jewish life in Germany today. They deal with present discourses and problems and with the question of how we can and want live together. They consistently sample, stage and convey new and unusual perspectives.

Dagesh Art Award


Maya Schweizer with »Sans Histoire«


Talya Feldmann with »The Violence we have Witnessed carries a Weight in our Hearts.«


Liat Grayver, Yair Kira und Amir Shpilman with »Open, Closed, Open – פתוח, סגור, פתוח«